4 Easy Home Curtain Cleaning Tips

There are multiple ways of home curtain cleaning through different ways and methods. Home curtains are exposed to dirt, dust, smoke and pollutants. These factors make your curtains look dull, discoloured and fade. Also, if you have light-coloured curtains, then these stains are quite visible and can hamper the visual appeal of your curtains.
This is the reason why regular curtain cleaning in Melbourne is essential. So, if you are wondering how to clean your home curtains, then here are some easy and quick steps for home Curtain cleaning in Melbourne.


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If you want to clean your curtains by hand wash method, then make sure that you are using the right type of detergent. Also, make sure that the fabric of your curtains is suitable for hand wash. Here are some more tips about cleaning your home curtains.
Machine wash your curtains with cold or lukewarm water- If the fabric of your curtains is compatible with machine wash, then you can consider washing them in a washing machine. While doing this, make sure that you choose a delicate cycle, or choose a cool wash along with slow spinning. If you are worried about shrinkage, then avoid washing them in a washing machine. The lightweight curtains are usually suitable for machine wash. Also, remember that some fabrics such as soft cotton might shrink if you wash them in hot water.

So, consider using cold or lukewarm water for washing curtains made from such delicate fabrics.

1. Hand wash your home curtains-

Hand washing is considered one of the safest cleaning options in Melbourne. You can either use a safe and mild cleaning detergent for curtain cleaning or you can use a gentle soap to avoid fabric damage. For better results, you need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Also, you need to use different cleaning solutions for cleaning different fabrics.
However, remember that handwashing your curtains is a time-consuming task. Also, certain fabrics might have a risk of shrinkage. Also, it is recommended to remove all the water from your curtains and remove all the water thoroughly so that there is no risk of mould build-up.

2. Steam clean your curtains for deep cleansing-

Using a premium quality steam cleaner having an upholstery attachment is considered to be a convenient curtain cleaning method. For this, make sure that you need to clean the curtains from top to end. Also, if you feel that the curtain fabric is becoming wet, then you need to hold the cleaner at a distance.
Also, you need to be careful while cleaning your curtains with a steam cleaner. Read all the instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure that your curtains will not get damaged after cleaning.
Using a steam cleaner is recommended if you have curtains made from heavy material which are difficult to clean by hand wash or machine wash.

3. Trust professional curtain cleaners-

The tips and methods given above for home curtain cleaning in Melbourne are not only time-consuming but also need lots of effort. Hence, trusting efficient professionals for professional curtain cleaning in Melbourne is the best way to save both time and effort.
The professional curtain cleaners in Melbourne will take care of your curtains, understand the specific requirements of the curtains and then wash them thoroughly to offer you with best possible results.

What is the best method to dry the curtains after cleaning them?
Rather than putting your wet curtains in a dryer, consider drying them outdoors when it is breezy but not too sunny. Direct exposure to harsh sunlight might harm your curtains and make them look faded or discoloured.
Here are some more times for maintaining your home curtains-
• Regular vacuum cleaning- With regular vacuuming, your curtains can stay fresh for a long time and the colour and texture of your fabrics will also be retained.
• Handle delicate fabrics carefully- If you have delicate fabric curtains, then they should be cleaned carefully to reduce damage or shrinking.

So, if you want to clean your home curtains without investing much time or effort, then you can connect with Drain fast Curtain Cleaning Melbourne and hire to get spotless, stain-free and dust-free curtains in Melbourne!

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