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The prettiest curtains are not always the most functional ones. You will be surprised to know that apart from the appearance, maintaining the functionality of your curtains is equally important. If you regularly and properly perform their upkeep, they remain free of visible dirt and at the same time, also stay clean from internal germs and allergens. You may not be keen on spending a huge sum on their maintenance regimen of getting them cleaned followed by curtain pressing. When not ironed properly, they appear wrinkled and untidy all the time, which affects their appearance while at the same time attracting more allergens and germs in the crevices. Curtains made from fabrics like cotton, linen or silk require a lot of care which has to be consistently taken care of during each step, such as -cleaning, drying, curtain pressing services etc.

Curtain Pressing  in Lancaster Process

Curtain pressing services begins with the curtains being taken off the hook by technicians. It is then followed by their deep vacuum cleaning, in which the top-down approach is commonly used, wherein the technician begins from the very top and goes all the way to the bottom, leaving your curtains squeaky clean and flawless.

They follow it up by putting cleaning solution as required and suited, focusing majorly on thoroughly getting rid of the dust on the folds and hems, which are a common source.

Furthermore, any stains which still may remain or are tough to clean can be taken care of by steam cleaning method by our well-trained team of professional Curtain pressing in Lancaster .

After all this, they can be either dry cleaned or steam cleaned as per their label instructions or fabric. Finally, they can be now left to dry by hanging them up utilising fans and industrial dryers to ensure deep drying so that moisture which may later cause the growth of fungus does not remain at all.

Why choose us?

Our customers are our priority. We are the best in class and we aspire to stay the same way. We offer our services at unmatched prices and also offer at-home curtain pressing services.

Benefits of professional curtain pressing services in Lancaster

Curtain pressing increases the life of your curtains by many folds. The curtain looks flawless and its hygiene is also considerably improved. Curtain pressing services can brighten and freshen your curtains like never before.


1. Can stain be effectively removed from my curtains?

It depends from stain to stain. While some stains can be easily removed using treatments, others are difficult and require intensive cleaning. It may be noted however that we cannot guarantee their total removal. For curtain ironing service near me, book an appointment with curtain cleaning in Lancaster.

2. Will rehanging be needed after cleaning the curtains?

You do not require to do that. Our technicians remove as well as rehang the curtains once the process of cleaning is done.

3. Can your technicians deal with delicate fabrics properly?

The technicians at our Curtain Cleaning Lancaster, have gentle cleaning equipment which takes care of your delicate fabrics without causing any damage to them.

4. Is there a guarantee on your services?

Yes, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are willing to repeat the cleaning process unless you are fully satisfied.

5. Is it possible to have the curtain pressed the same day?

Yes, we have a special team to take care of same-day curtain delivery needs and therefore you won’t need to constantly worry about when your curtains will be cleaned. You can avail of a super quick service by booking an appointment through telephone following which you will receive a prompt call back.

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